Social media marketing is more than just designing and posting content on social media platforms multiple times a day. It has more to do with:

  • Step away from traditional platforms and looking for new new ways to pitch your target audience.
  • Having a great branding strategy to reach the masses.
  • Invest time and work more to engaging and converting your prospects. Do your homework well ad competition is not with only business, product or services from the same sector but also bloggers, celebrities, influencers etc., who engage with them.
  • Content, context, hashtags, engagement, reach, impressions come together to create an impact.

There are 5 main principles to a good social media marketing: Strategy, Planning and Publishing, Listening and engaging, Analytics and advertisements

The three types of social media marketing, namely- organic, paid and earned can all be successful, providing great results. When good content is created and promoted it leads to engagements that can help you grow a follower base that saves, downloads, re-shares and reposts the content.


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