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Gokul Fresh     


Gokul Fresh is an evolving brand. The people of Siliguri have connected emotionally with the brand over the past two years. Gokul Fresh Sweets are becoming a trend in the city, for all gifting solutions and celebrations.

The Challenge

The first challenge Arkedia faced was changing the concept of regular ‘mithai ki dukaan’. Gokul Fresh serves not only sweets but a variety of indo-chinese delicacies, premium packaged snacks, assorted fruit baskets and customized gift hampers, making it your perfect go-to store.


The Solution

Major online and offline campaigns were run in Gokul Fresh to change the concept of a regular sweet shop. To connect with the local audience, Arkedia targeted the city’s food habits. With the branding of restaurant/sweetshop, Gokul Fresh is now a leading brand in Siliguri.