Faadkedia Learnings

Engaging with inspirational individuals can ignite a fire within us, propelling us towards greatness and inspiring us to pay it forward.

We aim at inviting inspirational guests at our office for a casual one-to-one and learning sessions.

We feel this will help the team collectively to make things bigger and better. Our team members as individuals will be a little more wise, take better decisions and grow personally.

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Faadkedia Learnings

Here is all about the sessions

Team Arkedia received valuable insights on practical financial investing from Richuta Agarwal, a very practical and balanced finance enthusiast, emphasizing the importance of setting clear goals, developing a corpus and commencing with modest investments.

Jazz Bindra, the restaurant industry magnate, imparted the valuable lesson of “Leave people better than you found them", while educating us on the intricacies of the restaurant business. Moreover, he assisted Team Arkedia in resolving their inquiries regarding their food brands.

The charismatic, adventurous Sonali Agarwal(why_two_live)maintained a consistent posting schedule and created diverse content that engaged her audience. By utilizing social media, networking, and being authentic, she has kept and is keeping the blogger trend going in Siliguri.

Avimanyu Banerjee emphasized the importance of kickboxing as a means of self-defense and discipline. Through his teachings, he instilled in Team Arkedia the value of physical fitness, mental strength, and perseverance

“Urgent tasks are not determined by its deadline but your choices!” - Karan Bajla.

He stressed the importance of balancing productivity with personal life, highlighting the significance of prioritizing tasks and maximizing efficiency. 

In order to face the challenges of the next 30 years, it is essential to be aware of the current global situation. Neglecting this reality could have serious consequences, which is why raising awareness is crucial. Saurav Goyal, a proud carbon emitter, educated us on the significance of carbon emissions.

Ankit Raj Sahu, CEO of The Story Basket and renowned photographer of Siliguri, started the session from the basics on how to operate a camera and ended up by instructing on how to capture the perfect shot. His expertise in photography is unmatched, making him a highly respected figure in the industry.

Deepika M Gupta, a mystical & intuitive tarot card reader, helped Arkedians gain clarity and understanding with her readings. Her expertise in tarot helped each individual connect with their inner selves and find direction. 

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