Let the Internet do the hard work!

It all started with a passion for brands, a dream to MAKE IT BIG and a desire to create something crazy! 

Arkedia was founded 5 years ago to help businesses with various forms of branding and marketing under one roof by providing integrated marketing solutions. We are a team of marketers, strategists, designers, copywriters, analysts and media specialists that bring you everything that your brand requires.

By leveraging data-driven strategies, innovative techniques and expert knowledge, Arkedia creates and implements effective digital marketing solutions for businesses across diverse industries.

To ensure a satisfying experience for both clients and employees, we strive to become the BIGgest brand that builds brands!

To enhance Branding and Marketing for all businesses, adding value to their operations while fostering the growth of young talent at Arkedia. 

  1. Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and transparency with our clients and employees.
  2. Ownership: We place a high priority on meeting commitments and exceeding expectations with our deliverables.
  3. Loyalty: We believe in cultivating long-lasting relationships built on trust and commitment to every brand’s success.
  4. Mutual Respect: We foster a collaborative and communicative environment that values every team member’s input and opinions.
  5. Courage: We embrace challenges with determination and take calculated risks to drive innovation.
  6. Motivation: We are driven by our passion for our work and strive to exceed expectations in achieving our goals.

About the Founder

Here's A bit About him

The CEO and Founder of Arkedia Marketing,Rahul Kedia’s vision is to provide innovative and effective marketing strategies that help businesses achieve their goals. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, mentoring young individuals, market analysis and sales strategies.He is a committed lifelong and perpetual learner who focuses on creating engaging and interactive digital marketing solutions. In the coming years, Rahul with his team will make Arkedia the go-to company for businesses, delivering top-notch digital marketing solutions.

Disha Mission

बेहतर की ओर

Disha mission strives towards Total Welfare through the symbiosis of businesses and society.Businesses and society enable each other.
Disha Mission aims to ride this juncture so we can move towards total welfare, that is, the betterment of both people and business.

Disha Mission-Projects

Our bit for the society

Disha Mission dog feeding project

Dog Feeding Project

A lot of food gets wasted in restaurants everyday. We ensure collection and distribution of every morsel of this to be fed among stray dogs.

Disha Mission The Kadha Project

The Kadha Project

At the peak of Covid-19, preparation and distribution of immunity drink (Kadha) among the working class through businesses.

Disha Mission Strays of Silliguri

Strays of Siliguri

Installation of glow in the dark collars to strays dogs across Siliguri to avoid road accidents and mishaps with the help of Dog Villa Cafe and Animal Helpline.